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Being a Rock Star

Updated: May 3

Recently I had the pleasure to see one of my favorite Metal bands in concert. I was amazed to hear how great they sounded. These guys have been together for 30 years and still sound like they did 30 years ago. One can imagine the life of a rock star and the toll it can take on one’s body, but through it all they were healthy and still rocking. This got me thinking about a couple of things. How did these guys sound so good after 30 years of playing music and being on the road? How were they able to run and jump around on stage all while being in their mid to late 50’s? Those who know me know I lived that life style for a few years, minus the success, millions of fans, the money and I am not in my mid 50’s, but other than that the same. I can tell you it is a difficult life.

How does this relate to the fire service you ask?




Being creative

Open minded to new ideas

Conflict resolution

Crew Recourse Management

Love what you do

All the above comes into play when you are in the fire service. The same holds true when being in a successful band, or part of any group that wishes to succeed. If you want to make it 30 years in the fire service and come out intact you need to be disciplined when it comes to assignments on the fire ground. You must practice you skills in order to perform on the fire ground. You must continue to train and train your people, because skills are perishable. Be creative when it comes to an issue. You have to have a plan “B” when things don’t go like they are supposed to. The fire service is constantly evolving so you have to have an open mind when it comes to new ideas and techniques. You may find this shocking, but sometimes we all don’t agree, so as officers we need to be able to defuse potential volatile situations. There are many bands that dissolve because members could not get along. We can’t afford that in the fire service, we have to trust each other. Crew Recourse Management means all have an equal say and need to be heard when situations arise. There are times that the officer may not see a dangerous situation, it is incumbent that others speak up to avoid disaster. Finally Love what you do, this means embrace the life of the fire service, from the calls you run to the brotherhood. Take care of your people and take care of your body. You owe it to your shift and your family to be healthy so you can run and jump on the fire ground, throw ladders, pull hose lines and make rescues.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that a rock band and the fire service are the same, but if you want to make it 30 years in the business you need to understand what makes a good team and capitalize on it. Good luck and Rock On!

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